Quality FRP Machines for Various Applications

Hengshui Fangchen FRP Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. has an advantage in designing and manufacturing FRP pipe and tank winding machines since 2008. The machines are saleable in domestic and overseas. Meanwhile, we can design the machines according to your equipment and budget, which can save your cost and time.


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Why choose FRP machines

Obvious traffic cost reduction

We all know that it is more convenient to transport FRP machines than large scale FRP pipes. Thus, they are extensively used on-site for traffic cost reduction.

Automatic production

All the manufacturing process is finished automatically. Thus, the simple process efficiently reduces the labor cost to the largest extent.

Full ranges of specifications

Various thicknesses, lengths and strengths of RPM, GRE and FRP pipes & tanks can be manufactured by our FRP machines to suit different project requirements.

Five advantages of our filament winding machines

A microcomputer control system is used control the manufacturing process of FRP pipes
Closed-loop computer control system for high accuracy.
The workshop of our company
Highly efficient productivity reduces production time.
CNC FRP fittings hydro pressure testing machine DN50 – DN250 allows for convenient and quick operation
Easy to operate with small amount of input parameters.
A cost saving filament winding machine is working
Low material waste and short production time for saving cost.
FRP pipes in various sizes are placed in our factory.
Capable to produce various designs and sizes of FRP products.
Why Choose Us? - Fangchen
The machine is with more longer service life than other manufacturers by about 20%, which is approbatory by the users.
Higher efficiency and lower energy consumption.
Design the layout drawing according to the users’ customized requirements freely.
We can design and offer the reasonable solution based on your budget and requirement.
The technical workers will install the machines and give the detailed training till you can produce the qualified finished products.
If you have any problem during the production, you can contact us freely in any time.
We supply the parts list for your reference.
All the parts are GB standard, which you can purchase in your country.

FRP pipes and tanks manufactured by our machines are extremely anti-corrosive so that they are widely used in various areas as shown below:

Six main applications of FRP pipes and tanks manufactured by our machine
  • Water supply system.
  • Water drainage system.
  • Seawater desalination.
  • Irrigation system.
  • Marine system.
  • Sanitary system.
  • Reaction tank.
  • Sauce fermentation tanks.
  • Oil & gas separator.
  • Salt solution processing tank.
  • Slurry processing tank.
  • Storage tank.
  • Circulation tank.
  • Sodium bisulfite tank, etc.

Widest choice of FRP machines, pipes & tanks

As one of the largest FRP machine suppliers in Asia, our company can supply the widest choices including FRP machines for you to choose from. According to the products you want to manufacture, these machines can be grouped into four distinct categories as shown below:

  • Continuous & discontinuous FRP pipe production line refers to machines for manufacturing FRP, GRE, RPM pipes.
  • Horizontal & vertical FRP tank winding machines are intended to produce horizontal or vertical FRP tanks such as storage tanks, brewing tanks and septic tanks.
  • FRP fitting filament winding machine is designed to manufacture various types of FRP fittings for joining pipes together.
  • Various types of FRP pipes and tanks such as pressure pipes, cable protection pipes, chimney pipes, storage tanks, septic tanks, sand filtration tanks, transportation tanks and depositing tanks.
  • Special FRP production equipment could manufacture precast pump station, FRP double tank spray device, FRP cellular anode tube, and cable pole.
  •  Flue and tower winding machine is designed to produce FRP flues that are mainly used in towers in electric power, metallurgy and chemical industry.

Meanwhile, a wide range of mandrels can also be supplied by our company for manufacturing pipes in different diameters.

Integrated first-class services

Three persons are discussing the solution to customers’ problems for helping them pick up the optimal product
Pre-sale service
  • Professional service team to learn about your deeply demands.
  • Offer some pertinent solutions including designs and cost analysis.
Our customers are visiting the pipe winding machine production.
In sale service
  • Take contract seriously, provide quality product and deliver them on time.
  • Provide machine operation guidance and detail tips.
Our service team is calling our customers to solve their usage problems.
After sale service
  • Offer after-sale return visit to every customer timely.
  • Give you the best solution to your problems during usage.

For details on our full product range, please feel free to email us at info@frpmachine.com directly. We are glad to answer all your questions. Meanwhile, custom orders are also welcomed and remember to enclose your design drawings.

Hot Products

Horizontal FRP Tank Winding Machine

Horizontal FRP tank winding machine is ideal to manufacture horizontal FRP tanks, vessels and various winding molded products for corrosion resistance.

Pipe Fitting Winding Machine

Pipe fitting winding machine with 4-axis system controlled by CNC motion controller, is ideal to manufacture quality pipe fittings in various styles.

Portal Filament Winding Machine

Portal filament winding machine, with multiple spindles for improved productivity is designed to manufacture pressure pipes and cylinders.

How FRP Pipes are constructed

Here is an introduction about the manufacturing process of FRP pipes including liner layer production, structural layer winding, pipe curing, etc.