Fangchen - professional FRP machine manufacturer

Hengshui Fangchen FRP Equipment Technology Co., Ltd., located in the No.6 east of Rubber road, Northern industry area, Hengshui, Hebei, China, is a leading company committed to supplying various FRP machines and FRP products. We are a large-scale company integrating design, production and sale for providing one-stop services.

Wide range of products
Various types of FRP machines and FRP products in a variety of designs and sizes are available as shown below:

  • Vertical FRP tank winding machine.
  • Horizontal FRP tank winding machine.
  • Cable pipe winding machine.
  • Flue and tower winding machine.
  • FRPM pipe winding machine.
  • Process pipe production line.
  • GRE pipe production line.
  • Core molding machine.
  • FRP & RPM pipe production line.
    • Liner making machine.
    • Discontinuous filament winding machine.
    • Curing machine.
    • Trimming machine.
    • Extraction machine.
    • Hydro-testing machine.
    • Microcomputer control system.
  • FRP vertical tank winding machine.
  • FRP horizontal tank winding machine.
  • Pipe fitting winding machine.
  • Continuous filament winding machine.
  • Pipe mandrels.
  • FRP pipe & tank.
  • Special FRP production equipment.

High quality products

Our company has talented senior mechanical engineers, experienced artificers, electrical engineers and software engineers that specializing in researching and developing cutting edge FRP machines that perform more stable, operation easier with higher productively and more cost reduction. Meanwhile, our company working with Tsinghua University has developed an advanced control system that provides more accurate control of filament winding equipment.

FRP products manufactured by our machines are durable and long lasting with excellent axial strength. And our FRP products have covered the areas of chemicals, seawater desalination, fermentation industry, agricultural, marine and municipal engineering, etc. Our quality FRP machines and FRP pipe & tank have been sold throughout the Asia market and we began to export our products to India, Vietnam, Russia and various countries from the year 2010. And our quality guaranteed products gain great acknowledgments from our customers.

Excellent service team

The manpower with more than five years of services accounts for nearly 50% of total manpower. Thus, our R&D team is experienced. Meanwhile, our company has professional service team that waiting on line 24/7. Most of all, our service center has a clear organization to solve your different problem.

  • Front-line customer service staff
    They speak English very fluently to handle your inquiries and help you connect to service officer, technical experts or maintenance engineers upon your request.
  • Customer service officer
    They are familiar with your situations and deeply demands, so they can give you the best suggestion of optimal choices. Meanwhile, they give our customers more details about FRP machines and FRP products such as designs and sizes.
  • Second-tier technical experts
    They solve the machine problems on line and handle the problem that customer service officers cannot answer.
  • Maintenance engineers
    They mainly handle your maintenance problems and send your feedbacks to our designer teams.

Our mission

Three missions of our company are listed in three circles

Company images

An image of the roomy factory of our company
Roomy factory of Fangchen.
Various pipes are placed on the floor in front of workshop
FRP pipes in front of workshop.

If you have questions about our products, please email us at We are looking forward to answering your questions.