Core Moulding Machine with Trimming Purpose

Core molding machine is a kind of special equipment, which can not only process and manufacturer glass fiber core mould but also repair the pipe socket under the control of computer. The trimming of socket is controlled by PLC, which replaces manual measuring size. Just input the socket size data on the screen, then you can get the right size, and there is no need of manual measuring. In this case, it saves labor & cost and improves product efficiency. CNC (Computer Numerical Control) mandrel amphibious machine has the advantages of high precision, accurate positioning, high efficiency and high mechanization degree, etc.

It shows one core moulding machine, which also has trimming function.
The core moulding machine has high working efficiency, which saves labor cost.
One core moulding making machine is in the warehouse and some workers are monitoring its work.
Core moulding making machine could not only process fiberglass core mould but also repair the pipe socket.

Device configuration

  • Device name: numerical control mandrel dual purpose trimming machine.
  • Main component: body, sharpen knife woke plat, cutting work plat, water dust removal device, transmission head and tail machine, servo and PLC numerical control system.

Main function
FRP pipe production is due to filament winding, which can get the high quality products. Because of the intermittency of reciprocating winding work process, it usually can not receive the ideal productivity. To improve throughput on the line of FRP pipe production line, the best efficient method is adding the mandrel quantity. As for the large diameter pipe, it is expensive and difficult for the steel mandrel manufacturing, while, the FRP mould is one mandrel which adopts volumes of steel group as liner and winds FRP on the surface to come into being. So it is more easier to process with loss cost and it has gained more and more applications.

Trimming scale

  • Apply diameter range: DN300-DN2000, maximum length 12000 mm FRP pipe trimming and FRP mould production.
  • Apply diameter range: DN300-DN2600, maximum length 12000 mm FRP pipe trimming and FRP mould production.
  • Apply diameter range: DN300-DN3000, maximum length 12000 mm FRP pipe trimming and FRP mould production.

Main technical parameter

  • Main shaft: 0-8 rpm.
  • The maximum walking speed of the sharpen plat: 130 mm/min.
  • The maximum walking speed of the cutting knife sets: 130 mm/min.
  • Sharpen rotating speed: 2800 rpm.
  • Cutting knife rotating speed: 2800 rpm.
  • The total capacity (max): 14±5 kW.
  • Occupation area of the equipment: 4000 mm × 16000 mm.

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