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Discontinuous filament winding machine, also known as DFW machine, is an auto device for winding structural layer of FRP, GRE and PRMP pipes. And here is a simple instruction about how it works:

After the liner layer is finished and solidified, fix the mandrel on the stand for DFW machines. Put in parameters of your pipes and the mandrel will rotate automatically at specific speed. Then the trolley will move along the axis of the mandrel and wind fiberglass filaments around it until the thickness of FRP pipe is meet your requirement.

A person is working on the trolley of discontinuous filament winding machine.
Discontinuous filament winding (DFW) machine


  • High versatility
    DFW machines are generally applied to the production line of FRP, RPMP and GRE pipes in various sizes and styles just by adjusting winding angles and winding speed, etc.
  • Easy to operate
    This machine is easy to operate - just load the program of a particular pipe into the microcomputer control system and the machine will wind automatically for laying fiberglass filament over the mandrel.
  • High precision
    Our DFW machine uses the whole closed-loop computer control system that is co-developed with Tsinghua University. This control system allows for accurate control, easier operation as well as convenient adjustment. Meanwhile, it is available in two control modes - internal control and external control modes for you to choose from.
  • Accurate sand-adding process
    Various sand-adding methods can be offered including intermediate, bottom, dry, wet and dry-wet methods. The computer control system is perfect for controlling the thickness of sand and the ratio of sand inclusion with an accuracy of ±2%. Additionally, sand layers can be well distributed with the help of auto roll extrusion device. Therefore, it efficiently reduces the waste of raw material and improves the pipe quality at the same time.
  • Excellent performance
    Our DFW machines not only provides accurate winding parameters, keeps high winding speed, enhances the mechanical strength but also prolongs the service life of pipe products. Most of all, our DFW machines are low energy-consuming for providing a considerable energy saving.


  • Thickness of sand-adding layer: up to 20mm in one time.
  • Sand adding methods: intermediate, bottom, dry, wet and dry-wet methods.
  • Note: The pipe output is variable according to pipe diameter, pipe thickness, required pressure and the number of mandrels, etc.


Discontinuous filament winding machine
Pipe diameter (mm) DN300 - DN1500 DN200 - DN1600 DN300 - DN2600 DN300 - DN2500 DN300 - DN3000 DN500 - DN3000
Production length (mm) ≤12300 ≤ 13000 ≤12300 ≤ 13000 ≤12300 ≤ 13000
Winding angle range 45° - 90° 45° - 90° 45° - 90° 45° - 90° 45° - 90° 45° - 90°
The way of adding sand Both dry and wet Both dry and wet Both dry and wet Both dry and wet Both dry and wet Both dry and wet
Max thickness of adding sand a time (mm) ≤20 ≤15 ≤20 ≤20 ≤20 ≤30
Rotating speed of main shaft (r/min) ≤85 ≤65 ≤85 ≤55 ≤85 ≤45
Max speed of pulling yarn (m/min) ≤120 ≤ 90 ≤120 ≤ 90 ≤120 ≤ 90
Production capacity (kg/h) 1800 2000 2300 2500 3200 3000
Total installed capacity (kW) 110 48 120 55 120 62
Areas covered by production line (length × width) 54m × 24m 38m × 19m 60m × 24m 45m × 19m 60m × 24m 50m × 19m
Note: Custom designs and sizes are also welcomed.
Two workers are checking the working performance of DFW machine.
DFW machines for FRP, GRE and RPM pipes

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