Extraction Machine Provides Reliable Demoulding

Extraction machine, also known as demoulding machine, is specially made to strip finished FRP, RPMP or GRE pipes from mandrels. Extraction machine adopts hydraulic or chain transmission system for stable movement and flexible claws that suit pipes in wide range of diameters. Meanwhile, it allows for convenient operation without the needs of demoulding loops.

An extraction machine is in operation for stripping FRP pipes
Extraction machine

Normally, hydraulic extraction machines are ideal for stripping pipes in large diameters. Equipped with quality gantry, this machine can bear immense power of extraction. In addition, extraction machines come complete with centralized control cabinet for providing precise and reliable remote control. However, the extraction machines in chain transmission type are perfect for separating process of small pipes, especially FRP cable protection pipelines. Meanwhile, it is easy to operate with integral structure and aesthetic appearance.


  • Driving system: pushing cylinder with pressure from 40 tons to 100 tons; cylinder station.
  • Quality gantry system.
  • Windlass system or chine pull system.
  • Hoisting machine of extraction machine.
  • Demoulding trolley.
  • Hydraulic pressure cabinet.


Specification of extraction machine
Code EXM-1 EXM-2
Diameter of demoulding pipes 800mm to 2600mm Up to 500mm
Length of demoulding pipes (max.) 12500mm 6500mm
Maximum demoulding power 1000kN 1000kN
Length of hydraulic pressure pipe 1200mm 400mm
Traction 75kN (windlass pull) 10kN (chain pull)
Center height of machine 2000mm 1000mm
Size (L × W × H) 34m × 4.5m × 5.2m 12m × 1m × 1.2m
Load capacity 30kW 7.5kW
Note: Custom designs and sizes are also welcomed.
Extraction machine in the workshop is ideal for extracting FRP pipes.
Extraction machine allows for accurate separation of various FRP pipes.
Extraction machine in the workshop is under operation to demoulding a FRP flue pipe.
A FRP flue pipe is extracted easily by extraction machine.

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