FRP pipe & tank - Excellent Corrosion Resistant

FRP standing for fiberglass reinforced plastic is an advanced composite material made up of resin and fiberglass. FRP materials can be classified as polyester FRP, glass-fiber reinforced epoxy (GRE) and phenolic glass-fiber reinforced plastic based on different resin materials. They are generally fabricated into FRP pipes and tanks, etc.

Our FRP pipe and tank are manufactured through filament winding process by specialized expertise. Continuous roving is impregnated with polyester resin and helically wounded around the rotating mandrel until desired wall thickness is achieved. Therefore, our FRP pipe and tank has better physical properties and longer service life than traditional ones. Meanwhile, our FRP pipes and tanks are lightweight, stiff, non-electrical conductive, most of all, extremely corrosion resistant.

A wide range of FRP pipes and tanks are available as shown in the following pictures:

Several FRP pressure pipes in large diameters are placed in the workshop
FRP pressure pipes
Several FRP pressure pipes are stacked in rows
FRP cable protection pipes
Several FRP chimney pipes for desulfidation
FRP chimney pipes
Several FRP flue pipe products are placed on the ground of our factory
FRP flue pipe
Some FRP double wall tanks for fermentation
FRP double wall tank
Several FRP storage tanks for fermenting and storing soy sauce
FRP storage tank
Several large FRP flanges are on the ground.
We can manufacture FRP flanges with large diameters.
Three small FRP flanges are on the ground, and they have different sizes.
Small FRP flanges could be customized and they are used for small FRP pipes.
4V soft water tank winding machine DN1000 – DN2000
This special FRP tank is offered by us, and other shapes of FRP tanks are customization.
Four sets of FRP pipe connectors are on the ground, and each of them has flange connection.
FRP pipe connectors are necessary when installing the pipes from different directions.
A quality FRP septic tank is fabricated by our company
FRP septic tank
Several FRP sand filtration tanks are placed on the floor waiting for package.
FRP sand filtration tank
A FRP transportation tank is mounted on the truck allowing for easy liquid transportation
FRP transportation tank
Several FRP depositing tanks are mounted on the steel shelves.
FRP depositing tanks

Besides above FRP products, our company also can supply FRP ducting, stacks, tubs and various corrosion resistant tanks upon customers' requests. All of FRP products supplied by our company are strong, durable with following incomparable advantages:

Six advantages of our FRP products
  • Light weight
    FRP products have lower relative density between 1.5 and 2, that is to say they have lower strength to weight ratio compared with other pipe materials. For example, they are only 1/5 to 1/4 the weight of carbon steel yet high strength approaching quality alloy steel.
  • Superb corrosion resistance
    Made of quality inert material, FRP pipe and tank feature excellent resistant against corrosive liquids such as acid, alkali and salt water. In addition, they have high chemical resistance and weather resistance to prolong their lifespan to the largest extent.
  • Excellent thermal property
    FRP products are characterized by low thermal insulating property - only about 1/100 to 1/1000 that of traditional steel. Meanwhile, they have excellent temperature resistance; thus, they effectively maintain the temperature of liquids inside the pipe.
  • Superior designability
    FRP products feature superior designability, which means they can be fabricated in various designs according to the needs of our customers for different applications. Meanwhile, they are easy to install, handle, modify and repair using lower cost.
  • Non-toxicity & anti-aging
    Non-toxicity property as well as above advantages enable our FRP products reliable to be in contact with potable water and food stuffs. They are also extremely aging resistant so that they can withstand years of outdoor usage.
  • Long service life
    Adopting advanced & specialized expertise, FRP pipe and tank can service for years without compromising its safety factor - still 1.8 times of its pressure class. Besides, these reliable products are cost saving and need low even no maintenance.

If you want to learn more about our FRP pipe and tank products, please email us at Custom orders are also welcomed. Do not forget to enclose your design drawings for specific products. We are more than happy to answering your questions.

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