Advanced Production Line for FRP & RPM Pipes

FRP & RPMP production line is the best solution for manufacturing reinforced plastic mortar pipe (RPMP) and other fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) pipes. As the most flexible production line, pipes in different sizes and properties can be produced on the same machine - just by adjusting relative rotation speeds of mandrels, movement of glass distribution head, winding angles and raw material ratios, etc.


FRP & RPMP production line usually adopts steel, FRP or wooden mandrels for pipe manufacturing. The filaments are wound around the fixed length, rotating mandrel automatically by a trolley moving horizontally alongside the mandrel. After winding, solidify the pipe using curing ovens and then extract the FRP & RPMP pipe from the mandrel.

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A simple plan about production line of FRP & RPMP in the workshop.
FRP & RPMP production line in the workshop
A blue automatic glue-supplying pumping station in the work shop.
Automatic glue-supplying pumping station


  • Easy operation
    Industrial microcomputer control system allows for convenient operation and high precision of production process. Meanwhile, it is easy to adjust layer numbers and other parameters based on different pipe wall structures.
  • Advanced sand-adding device
    Advanced dry & wet silicone sand-adding device (HQ-FRP type), applied to RPM pipe production line, efficiently decreases resin content about 5% - 10% when the winding fiber lines or tapes are fully impregnated with silicon sand. The whole process of adding silicon sand is driven pneumatically. And the silicon sand layers are compacted by a compression roller to increase density & ring stiffness and prevent dry-yarn & non-yarn.
  • Automatic glue-supplying pumping station
    Resin and hardeners, as the main chemicals for manufacturing of FRP & RPM pipes, should be kept at controlled condition; and our automatic glue-supplying pumping station allows for accurate flowing control including the supplying speed of glue and easy adjustment of chemical mixing ratio.
  • High productivity & low energy consuming.
    Above advanced equipment not only improves the quality of FRP & RPM pipes, increases the productivity, but also decreases production cost owing to its low energy consuming. Thus, the products supplied by our company are more competitive in the market.

Meanwhile, our machines are easy to install and maintain. Molding making machine, resin pre-accelerated agitator tanks and other option collocations are also available upon request.

  • Portable and household water.
  • Pressure pipes.
  • Industrial, chemical and power plants.
  • Drainage and sewer pipes.
  • Irrigation water.
  • Sea water intake and outfall pipe.
  • Well pipe.
  • Process piping.
  • Oil and gas.
  • Onshore and offshore.
  • Pipe nominal diameter: 200mm to 4000mm.
  • Pipe length: up to 12m.
  • Nominal pressure: up to 6Mpa.
  • Stiffness: 1250N/m2 to 10,000N/m2.
  • Sand feeding mode: pre-mixed sand feeding or laminated sand feeding.
  • Pre-mixed sand feeding: 205kW to 240kW (±5kW).
  • Laminated sand feeding: 187kW to 222kW (±5kW).
  • Installation space: width: 24000mm; length: 84000mm.
  • Resin content of sand feeding layer is controlled by PLC.

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