Efficient Horizontal FRP Tank Winding Machine

Horizontal FRP tank winding machine is designed to manufacture horizontal FRP tanks, vessels and other winding molded products. These products manufactured from quality FRP materials feature excellent acid and alkali resistance and ensure there is no toxin release and smell. So they are ideal for containing corrosion liquids such as acid, alkali, salt in the chemical industry.

Normally, three types of winding machines are available. The winding machine HTW-1 and HTW-2 for manufacturing tanks below DN4000mm are generally used in the workshop. However, HTW-3 is recommended to be used on site for manufacturing tanks and vessels in larger sizes. Meanwhile, HTW-3 filament winding machines efficiently reduce the manufacturing cost and solve the transportation problems.

A horizontal FRP tank winding machine is winding a FRP tank with diameter less than 4000mm in the workshop.
Horizontal FRP tank winding machine for manufacturing small-sized pipes in the workshop.


  • Microcomputer control system for high precision.
  • Multiple movement control - manual, semi-automatic or automatic control.
  • Various winding methods - spiral winding, circular winding and cross winding
  • Convenient operation so long as the users input the parameters.
  • Keep low consumption of raw materials and low energy consuming.
  • High productivity with experienced tank production technology assistance.
  • Full-automatic winding course for less labor cost.
  • Easy to install, adjust and maintain.
A horizontal FRP tank winding machine is winding a FRP tank with diameter larger than 4000mm on site.
Horizontal FRP tank winding machine for manufacturing large-sized pipes on site.


  • Septic tank.
  • Fermentation tank.
  • FRP chimney.
  • FRP transportation tank.
  • Water treatment tanks.
  • Industrial chemical storage tanks.
  • Grain silo storage.
  • Scrubber, etc.


Specification of horizontal FRP tank winding machine
Code HTW-1 HTW-2 HTW-3
Tank diameter 1000mm to 2500mm 1000mm to 4000mm 4000mm to 10000mm
Tank length ≤ 12000mm ≤ 12000mm ≤ 12000mm
Winding angle 45° to 90° 45° to 90° 45° to 90°
Rotating speed of principle shaft ≤ 25r/min ≤ 20r/min ≤ 12r/min
Max speed of pulling yarn ≤ 100m/min ≤ 120m/min ≤ 120m/min
Max width of yarn 200mm 220mm 220mm
Production capacity 800kg/h 1200kg/h 2000kg/h
Total installed capacity 10.5kW 12kW 18.5kW
Areas covered by production line (L × W) 18m × 9m 20m × 10m 22m × 15m
Note: Custom designs and sizes are also welcomed.

FRP tanks manufactured by our advanced equipment have three layers: anti-corrosive inner layer, reinforced structural layer and outer anti-aging layer as shown below. So FRP tanks are manufactured through three steps.

Three layers of horizontal FRP tanks
The structure of horizontal FRP tanks
  • Anti-corrosive liner layer: The liner layer of FRP tanks refers to impermeable anti-corrosive layers sprayed using airbrush. It is composed of two films of polyester containing anti-corrosive resin in thickness of 3mm with 80% resin content.
  • Reinforced structural layer: with resin content of 45% to 50%.
  • Outer anti-aging layer: about 0.2mm - 0.5mm in thickness with about 95% resin content.

Step 1: Anti-corrosive liner layer spraying.

The spraying process of anti-corrosive liners
Two workers are spraying liner layers and distribute the material evenly

Step 2: Winding of reinforced structural layer.

One picture of the process of winding reinforcing structural layers to the tank.

Step 3: Manufacturing outer anti-aging layer.

Manufacturing process of outer structure layer.
A workers is compress the outer layer using a compression roller

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