FRP Machines List

Vertical FRP Tank Winding Machine

Vertical FRP tank winding machines, with precise PC control system, are ideal for manufacturing large scale wind molded tanks on sites.

Horizontal FRP Tank Winding Machine

Horizontal FRP tank winding machine is ideal to manufacture horizontal FRP tanks, vessels and various winding molded products for corrosion resistance.

Pipe Fitting Winding Machine

Pipe fitting winding machine with 4-axis system controlled by CNC motion controller, is ideal to manufacture quality pipe fittings in various styles.

Portal Filament Winding Machine

Portal filament winding machine, with multiple spindles for improved productivity is designed to manufacture pressure pipes and cylinders.

Pipe Mandrels

FRP pipe mandrels can be offered in various styles, lengths and diameters from 250mm to 4000mm to suit different requirements from our customers.

Epoxy Glass Fiber Winding Pipe

Epoxy glass fiber winding pipe is made of high-quality glass fiber impregnated with ultra-low viscosity and high temperature resistant epoxy resin, which is cross-wound under the computer control.

Surge Arrester

Surge Arrester

FRP Pipe & Tank

All types of FRP pipe and tank products are available including FRP storage tank, FRP septic tank, FRP pressure pipes and depositing tanks, etc.

FRP Grating & Stairs

We supply FRP grating and stairs with superb corrosion resistance and high strength applied in chemical industries and marine areas, etc.

Cable Pipe Winding Machine

Cable pipe winding machines could make FRP cable pipes that has light weight but with high strength, which make it popular in power grid construction.

Flue and Tower Winding Machine

Flue and tower winding machine is designed for producing large scale FRP flues, which saves labor cost and improves working efficiency.

FRPM Pipe Winding Machine

FRPM pipe winding machine could make quality FRPM pipes with wide range of sizes, and it has three types according to the largest production diameter.

Process Pipe Production Line

Process pipe production line includes four types of machines, which are typically designed for FRP process pipe with different sizes.

GRE Pipe Production Line

GRE pipe production line is designed for making high pressure GRE pipe that is widely used in marine and petroleum fields.

Hydraulic Pressure Tester

Hydraulic pressure tester is designed for testing the water pressure strength and sealing condition of the manufactured FRP pipe.

Core Moulding Machine

Core moulding machine is installed with trim use, which turns to be numerical control mandrel dual purpose trimming machine with high work efficiency.

FRP & RPM Pipe Production Line

Discontinuous production Line for manufacturing quality FRP & RPM pipes, is composed of discontinuous filament winding machine, liner making machine, etc.

Special FRP Production Equipment

Special FRP production equipment includes four main types for cable pole, cellular anode tube, FRP double tank spray device and precast pump station.

Liner Making Machine

Liner making machine, set up with Taida PLC numerical control device, are ideal for accurate manufacturing of FRP pipe liners in different sizes.

Discontinuous Filament Winding Machine

Discontinuous filament winding (DFW) machine, set up with advanced computer control system, provides accurate and efficient filament winding process.

Curing Station

Curing station, equipped with infrared heating system, is ideal for solidifying liner layers and structural layers of FRP pipes and gas pipelines, etc.

Trimming Machine

Trimming machines are versatile equipment for mandrel making, pipe surface trimming and pipe socket end cutting without grooves.

Extraction Machine

Extraction machine, also known as demoulding machine, is designed to provide accurate demoulding process for FRP, RPMP or GRE pipes.

Pipe Hydro Tester

Hydro tester is a device designed to test the leakage performance as well as the pressure grade of various types of FRP pipes.

Microcomputer Control System

Our company supplies full automatic microcomputer control system for accurate, convenient and strict control of DFW production line.

Precast Pump Station Production Facility

Precast pump station production facility could make quality FRP pump station that stores sewage for municipal engineering, industrial constructions.

FRP Double Tank Spray Device

FRP double tank spray device is needed when producing FRP double layer oil tank, which is widely used for oil storage underground the gas station.

FRP Cellular Anode Tube Equipment

FRP cellular anode tube equipment is made for making conductive FRP cellular anode tube, which is mainly used in anode module of dust mist equipment.

Cable Pole Production Equipment

Cable pole production equipment is designed for manufacturing FRP cable poles, which could be widely used in projects of communication lines.

FRP Pole Winding Device

The CNC controlled 4 axis glass fiber filament winding machine is for the manufacturing of electric power transmission & distribution poles.

Insulation Pipe Spraying Equipment

Fangchen provides insulation pipe spraying equipment DN800-DN1600 for insulation pipe production.

Power Pipe Winding Machine

Fangchen provides power pipe winding machine for high quality power pipe production.

Lightning Arrester Winding Machine

Fangchen provides lightning arrester winding machine for high quality lightning arrester production.

Cantilever Winding Machine

Fangchen provides cantilever winding machine for high quality tank production.

4V Gas Cylinder Winding Machine

Fangchen provides 4V gas cylinder winding machine for high quality gas cylinder production.

4V Gantry Type Gas Cylinder Winding Machine

Fangchen provides 4V gantry type gas cylinder winding machine for high quality gas cylinder production.

4V Cone Type Tube Winding Machine

Fangchen provides 4V cone type tube winding machine for high quality gas cylinder production.

Power Casing Winding Machine

Fangchen provides power casing winding machine for high quality FRP power casing production.

Double Wall Tank Spraying Equipment

Fangchen provides double wall tank spraying equipment for high quality FRP double wall tank production.

Two Spindles Winding Machine

Fangchen provides two spindles membrane shell winding machine for high quality FRP membrane shell production.

Multiple Spindles Gantry Type Winding Machine

Fangchen provides multiple spindles gantry type winding machine for high quality FRP membrane shell production.

Multiple Spindles Horizontal Winding Machine

Fangchen provides multiple spindles horizontal winding machine for high quality FRP membrane shell production.