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Pipe hydro tester, as its name implies, is a device for testing the leakage performance and hydro pressure class of FPR pipes under certain pressure. Manufactured from the best grade raw material adopting advanced technology, our pipe hydro tester features reasonable structure, convenient operation, high efficiency as well as high versatility that suit various pipes in different diameters.

Pipe hydro pressure tester DN250 – DN1500 can test pipes with various lengths
FRP pipe hydro tester


  • Water supply system.
  • Upper and bottom longitudinal beam.
  • Wall plate.
  • Spigot and socket active plate.
  • Support rod and tray.
  • Fork bracket.
  • Spigot and socket envelop cover.
  • Electric control box.


  • Seal shell cover adopts seal combined type.
  • Bracket uses hydraulic lifting.
  • The pressure pipe is installed on the pressure testing machine, which adopts hydraulic pressure to entry, dial-out and lock.
  • Deliver and pick pipe automatically for easy operation.


  • Capacity: 27.1kW.
  • Suitable diameter of FRP pipes: DN250mm to DN2500mm.
  • Rated pressure of hydraulic pumping station: 16Mpa.
  • Rated discharge pressure of electric pump: 3.5Mpa.
  • Flux of electric pump: 560L/h (high pressure); 1120L/h (low pressure).
  • Centrifugal pump of clean water: Flux Q = 120m3/h; lift: H = 28m.
  • Custom designs and sizes are also welcomed.
A FRP pipe hydro tester is under operation for testing leakage performance and hydro pressure.
Hydro tester is ideal to test the leakage performance of various FRP pipes.

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