All Types of Mandrels for FRP Pipes

One pipe moulding is in the warehouse, it has no end encloure.
The pipe moulding has various sizes and it is the base of winding process.

Our company offers our clients a wide range of pipe mandrels which rotate and let filaments be winded around. Normally, they are manufactured with high quality steel cores and composite linings by filament winding process for high durability.

Pipe mandrels are mainly applied to DFW machines, CFW machines and tank winding machines. The diameter of pipe mandrel varies from 250mm to 4000mm in length up to 12m and various styles are available as shown in the following pictures:

A FRP pipe mandrel is packed and loaded on the truck
FPR pipe mandrel
Various steel pipe mandrels are placed on the floor prior to shipment
Steel pipe mandrel
Steel mandrels DN25 – DN1500
Steel mandrels DN25 – DN1500
Steel mandrels DN25 – DN1500
Steel mandrels DN25 – DN1500
There is one flat end enclosure which is just made in the warehouse.
Flat head end enclosure.
There is one oval end enclosure which is just made in the warehouse.
Oval shaped end enclosure.
There is one red vertical tank moulding on the jobsite, and many workers are installing the mould.
We offer large scale vertical tank moulding and it can be installed on the site.
It shows the inner structure of one vertical tank moulding.
The inner structure of the vertical tank moulding supports the whole moulding.

Beside above molds, our company also can supply FRP flange mandrel and FRP elbow mandrel upon your request.


  • FRP / steel vessel mandrel: Φ600mm to Φ4000mm.
  • Steel pipe mandrel: Φ150mm to Φ2500mm.
  • FRP pipe mandrel: Φ15mm to Φ4000mm.
  • Custom specifications are also available according to your drawings.

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