Portal FW Machine for Pressure Pipes and Cylinders

Portal filament winding machine, also known as multiple spindle filament winding machine, is designed with up to 4 spindles for high production output. The filament impregnated with resin will be winded on rotating mandrels by trolley. With industrial computer control system, our portal filament winding machine provides stable performance with four axial precise movements: mandrel rotating movement, trolley axial movement, cross feed and roving comb rotation movement.

A white portal filament winding machine
Portal filament winding machine

This machine is preferred for manufacturing a wide range of products as shown below:

  • FRP gas cylinder for respirator.
  • CHG compressed gas cylinder.
  • FRP pressure containers for petroleum.
  • FRP pressure vessels and small pipes.
  • Composite insulator.
  • FRP water treatment tanks.
  • Explosion-proof tank.
  • Epoxy sleeve.
  • Small rocker motors.
  • SCBA tanks.
  • Granary.
  • Sporting good equipment.
  • GRE and GRP pipes.
  • Other pipes of various fibers such as carbon fiber, aramid fiber and basalt fiber.
  • Other tank winding molded products requiring reinforced strength.
The picture shows winding machine with blue frame, which is installed with five axis.
Five axis winding machine increases work efficiency.
It shows one winding machine which is installed with four axis.
The four axis winding machine is similar with five axis winding machine, and we offer customization.


  • Industrial computer control system for high precision of winding line.
  • With 1 - 4 working spindles for higher productivity.
  • Ideal for producing a wide range of parts whose diameter is up to 500mm and the length up to 2000mm.
  • High strength, low weight, high corrosion resistance with long service time.
  • Low energy consuming yet high cost effective.
  • Easy installation, adjustment and maintenance.


  • Diameter of winding products: DN20 to DN600.
  • Max length of winding products: up to 6m.
  • Composition: portal track, driving headstock, tailstock, winding trolley, resin bath, roving creel and roving guide head.
  • Winding type: reciprocating cross winding and hoop direction winding.
  • Number of spindles: up to 4 spindles.
  • Tension: 5N to 50N.
  • Winding angle: 0° to 90°.
  • Rotation speed of main shaft: 120r/m (max).
  • Control method: manual, semi-automatic and automatic.
  • Speed of trolley: 60m/min.
  • Speed of pilling yarn: 75m/min (max).
  • Width of yarn tape: 50mm (max).
  • Note: any type of portal filament winding machine can be customizable.
A blue portal filament winding machine is perfect for fabricating small pressure pipes and gas cylinders.
Ideal for manufacturing small pressure pipes and gas cylinders.

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