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There is one pump station that is nearly completed in the warehouse.
FRP pump station is widely used in municipal engineering, industrial or other constructions that cannot rely on gravity to discharge water.

Precast pump station production facility is designed for manufacturing pump stations. Buried integrated precast pump station is the independent research and invention patent of new environmental protection product in our company. The precast pump station has many characteristics such as small volume, high efficiency, intelligent and so on. Compared with traditional pump station, it has advantages such as little construction quantities, short manufacturing installation period, less investment, which could be reduced by more than half, easy installation, reliable quality. It is substitute for conventional concrete sewage pump station.

Production line component
The main components of production line are winding machine, curing station, demoulding machine or retractable mechanical mould.

Prefabricated pump station structure

  • Prevent slippery top.
  • Pump cover.
  • FRP cylinder body.
  • Lifting lug.
  • Matching water pump.
  • Pressure pipeline.
  • Service platform.
  • Level sensor.
  • Crushing grating.
  • Outside stainless steel cabinet.

Main parameter

  • Pump station diameter: DN1000-4000 mm (special diameter can be customized).
  • Pump station length: ≤ 14000 mm.
  • Rotating speed of main draft: 0-20 rpm/min.
  • Winding car speed (max): 55 m/min.
  • Yarn width: 200 mm.
  • Total installation capacity: 12 kW.

Precast pump station characteristics

  • Small in size with effective volume.
  • High degree of integration.
  • The cylinder adopts advanced corrosion resistant lining material.
  • The pump pit adopts CFD fluid mechanic design, which has good flow pattern with no congestion and self-cleaning function.
  • Reliable quality, no leakage and no environmental pollution.
  • Light weight with low cost.
  • Equipped with submersible sewage pump with high performance, and its wide application of sensors constantly monitor the running status of pump greatly reduces the maintenance cost.
  • High automation integration could realize the long-distance monitoring and management, as well as realizing mobile phone monitoring and remote data transmission, automatic generation of operation reports, etc.
  • Safety in use, the scientific design and configuration greatly reduces the toxic and odorous gases, which protects the environment.
  • Complete buried installation, and after installation it does not affect the surrounding environment and landscape.
  • Short installation period saves most of the cost and the maintenance saves time.
  • One-time investment and operation cost is low for a long time, obvious energy saving benefit, in case of demolition or the covers, it can be secondary lifting up and landfill to use again.
  • Complete customization according to different engineering.

It is widely used in municipal engineering, industrial or other constructions that cannot rely on gravity to discharge water directly into the sewage treatment system. Among them, the municipal drainage is suitable for sewage pump station, drainage pump station, and the confluence midway pump station, etc.

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