Vertical Winding Machine for Large Scale FRP Tanks

Vertical FRP tank winding machine, as a high-tech electromechanical machine, is also designed for manufacturing winding molded tanks and vessels similar to horizontal FRP tank winding machines. However, this one fabricates vertical large-scale products from 4m to 25m in diameter on customer's site. Equipped with thermosetting resin filament roving device, it winds filament helically around the rotating mandrel accurately to ensure stable and durable products.

A vertical filament winding machine is winding structural layers of FRP tanks.
Vertical FRP tank winding machine
It shows three yellow vertical FRP tanks and they are installed with spiral ladders.
Vertical FRP tank winding machine could manufacture large scale tanks with spiral ladders at the site, and the colour of the tank could be customized.


  • Small covered areas for space-saving.
  • Single structure allow for easy installation.
  • Accurate control of mandrel rotation, trolley movement and winding process.
  • Furnished with double filament roving feeders for both reciprocating cross and hoop winding.
  • Good lamination design for quality products with excellent corrosion resistance, axial strength and anti-leakage property.
  • Easy and convenient operation - just input the data to the PC control system.
  • Low energy consumption, high productivity, low maintenance and lower production cost.
  • Track of winding machine.
  • Rotating mandrels.
  • Resin bath.
  • Filament roving feeder.
  • Roving guider.
  • Optional resin mixing and transport device.
  • Optional device including resin pre-accelerated agitator tanks, pneumatic filament chopped spray gun, resin pumps and catalyst flowmeters.
  • Storage vessels for water and grain, etc.
  • Municipal waste water treatment.
  • Anti-corrosive tanks and large tower.
  • Pollution control equipment.
  • Fermentation tank.
  • FRP desulphurization tank.
  • FRP chimney.
  • Chemical and petroleum areas.
  • Medical industry and food processing.


  • Control method: manual, semi-automatic and automatic.
  • Transmission method: pinion and rack.
  • Winding roving capacity: 80 each.
  • Winding type: reciprocating cross, hoop direction.
  • Resin type: unsaturated polyester, vinyl ester, etc.
  • Yarn frame: mechanical yarn frame that a tension adjustable yarn frame of mechanical type.
  • Impregnation groove: stainless steel groove for roller impregnation or immersion impregnation.
  • Standards: complying with ASTM D3299-88, ASTM D-3300, HG T20696-1999 or other custom standards.


Specification of vertical FRP tank winding machines
Parameters FW-10000 FW-25000
Tank diameter 4500mm to 10000mm 4500mm to 25000mm
Tank height ≤ 10000mm ≤ 10000mm
Winding angle range 70° to 90° 70° to 90°
Maximum bearing force 60t 100t
Rotating speed of principle axis ≤ 5r/min ≤ 4r/min
Maximum speed of pulling yarn ≤ 100m/min ≤ 150m/min
Width of yarn 50mm to 300mm 50mm to 300mm
Total installed capacity 23kW 27kW
Note: Custom designs and sizes are also welcomed.
A filament winded vertical FRP tanks
A filament winded vertical FRP tank waiting for extraction.
A vertical FRP tank is demoulded from the mandrel with the help of hoist machine.
Vertical FRP tank is demoulded easily using hoist machines.

Vertical FRP tanks manufacture process:

The manufacturing process of vertical FRP tanks on sites.

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