Curing Station for Solidifying FRP Pipes

Curing station, also named as solidifying station, is generally used to solidify liner layers and structural layers of FRP pipes. Equipped with working station drive system, the mandrel will revolve automatically. At the same time, our curing station provides excellent rotation heating cure by infrared heating system with working temperature ranging from 60°C to 80°C.

A curing station is in operation to solidity a FRP pipe.
Curing station (solidifying station)

To pursue demanded production properties, the rotating speed and curing temperature & time are adjusted to a suitable state. Our advanced curing stations are generally used to curing FRP pipelines, electric oil and gas pipeline, high-pressure pipelines and other various pipes.


  • Principal axis drive and rotating system with speed regulating motor and cycloidal speed reducer.
  • Open or close type far-infrared heating device.
  • Power distribution cabinet.
  • Mandrel supporting station and roller.

Normally, there are two stages of curing process as shown below:

  • Pre-curing process: It is carried out before extracting the pipe or fitting from the mandrel.
  • Post curing: Post curing refers to the heated drying process of released pipes and fittings at the end of the working day.

Main technical parameter

  • Rated functioning temperature: 200 °C.
  • Control precision: heating area in efficiency ≤ ±1°C.
  • Temp uniformity: When the constant temperature heat the air in the space ≤ ±2.5 °C (±2% FS).
  • Wind change time: ≥ 20 times per minute.
  • Air exhaust: Designed on the hot wind assembly, and the valve is adjusted by man hold.
  • There is no dust emission when curing furnace stop and operate, the operation noise not more than 65 dB.

Application environmental conditions

  • Environment temp.: - 10 °C to 40 °C.
  • Relative humidity: ≤ 85% (+ 25 °C).
  • Altitude: ≤ 1000 m.
  • Air environment: No flammable & explosive or corrosive gas or smoke around.
  • Vote: Three phase four line, 380 V.
The whole workshop of our company including curing station, extraction machine, etc.
Curing station with infrared heating system for heated-drying and solidifying FRP pipes.

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