FRP Pipe Fitting Winding Machines

An operator is operating the FRP fittings winding machine.
Pipe fitting winding machine

Pipe fitting winding machine is generally used for mass production of various composite fittings such as epoxy resin high pressure elbow and polyester resin elbow. These fittings are generally used to join straight composite pipes together in various projects.

Pipe fitting winding machine adopts six servo motors and has 4-axis including spindle-mandrel rotating axis, horizontal carriage moving axis, cross-feed axis and eye rotating axis. This 4-axis system, controlled by CNC motion controller, is mainly used to complete the winding task of pipe fittings.


Seven pipe fittings produced by our pipe fitting winding machine
Various pipe fittings can be produced by this machine
  • Adopting Microcomputer control system.
  • Stable performance.
  • High winding and operation precision.
  • Low noise.
  • Easy to control.
  • Labor saving.


  • Winding method: hoop winding or crossing winding.
  • Pipe fitting diameter: 50mm - 300mm, 300mm - 600mm.
  • Winding angle: 0° to 90°.
  • Maximum speed of guide head: 25rpm.
  • Swing angle of guide head: ≤ 90°.
  • Maximum speed of carriage: 17m/min.
  • Guide head: any rotating movement is allowed.
  • Main engine power: 200V, 500Hz, 2kW.
  • Custom designs and sizes are also welcomed.

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