FRP Grating & Stairs for Chemical Industry

Fangchen specializes in designing, manufacturing and selling FRP grating and FRP stairs in an extensive range of styles and sizes that are needed in different projects. The most significant characteristic of FRP grating & stairs is realized on superb corrosion resistance, which makes it preferred to be applied in chemical industries and marine areas, etc.

Our fiberglass gratings and stair threads are made using fiberglass as reinforcement material and unsaturated polyester resin as matrix. Generally, they are fabricated in an open, heated mold system to form one-piece construction with square patterns. Compared with steel grating, our FRP products perform much better with incomparable features as shown below:

Several green FRP gratings are placed on the floor of factory.
FRP gratings
Yellow FRP grating stairs are placed on the floor.
FRP stairs
One piece of blue semicircular FRP grating is on the ground.
FRP grating has excellent corrosion resistance and load capacity.
There are two yellow semicircular FRP gratings that stack together, they have different sizes.
Dark yellow FRP gratings are also available, and customization is welcomed.
  • Superb corrosion resistance - Fangchen FRP grating and stairs are extremely resistant to a wide range of chemicals in virtue of high resin-to-glass ratio. Therefore, FRP grating and stairs are recommended when corrosion protection is highly required.
  • High strength - With 50% higher tensile strength and better impact resistance than traditional types.
  • Light weight - FRP grating and stairs are lightweight, for example, they are only about 1/4 the weight of steel grating and 2/3 of aluminum materials. Thus, the weight of supporting structure is sharply reduced; in consequence, no hoisting equipment is needed during installation.
  • Excellent load capacity - One piece structure allows loads to be distributed evenly to improve its bearing capacity.
  • Dimensional stability - Low expansion & contraction rate of our FRP products is about 24% to 50% less than traditional metal grating - that is to say the dimension of our products is much more stable.
  • Slip resistance - Our FRP grating and stairs prevent slipping and reduce accidents efficiently when applied for walkways and flooring.
  • Anti-fatigue - With some flexibility to sooth the workers' discomfort associated with the tight muscle in their legs and backs caused by long time standing. Thus, FRP products may improve work efficiency to some extent by increasing job comfort.
  • High safety - FRP grating displays excellent fire resistance, non-electrical conduction and low thermal conductivity. So they are preferred to be applied to inflammable & explosive place and electronics industry.
  • High cost efficient - FRP gratings and stairs provide maximum cost efficient due to its longevity about twenty years, labor cost saving and low maintenance cost.
  • Long service life - Molded FRP grating & stairs outlast traditional steel ones owing to high durability, excellent corrosion resistance and UV protection.
  • Easy to clean - Square holes allow all debris to fall through and smooth surface allows FRP products easy to be cleaned.

Fangchen FRP grating can be used in various applications such as chemical process, food & beverage industries, marine areas with salt air, oil and gas industry, waste water treatment plants, metal & mining industry and architectural constructions, etc.

Green FRP grating walkway applied in chemical industry.
FRP grating walkway
Green FRP pedestrian overbrige to prevent slipping.
FRP pedestrian overbridge
Yellow FRP ship deck grating in marine areas for corrosion protection.
FRP ship deck grating
Green FRP trench covers.
FRP trench cover
Gray FRP ceiling grating in the pub.
FRP ceiling grating
Yellow FRP tree grating for tree protection.
FRP tree grating
FRP electric insulating plate in the car wash station.
FRP electric insulating plate
Yellow FRP stairs with excellent corrosion resistance applied in chemical factory.
FRP stairs
FPR gratings in gray, yellow, green and red.
FRP gratings are available in various colors upon request.


  • Resin material: vinyl ester, Isophthalic polyester, phenolic resin or other custom resins.
  • Surface: smooth surface. Depending on application requirements, concave surface, gritted surface and cover surface are also available.
  • Color: green, yellow, red, gray or any custom colors.
  • Connecting method: using steel clamps to connect FRP gratings together.


Specification of FRP gratings
Item Size Depth Mesh size
FRPG-1 3' × 10' 1" 1" × 4"
FRPG-2 3' × 10' 1" 1.5" × 1.5"
FRPG-3 3' × 10' 1.5" 1.5" × 1.5"
FRPG-4 4' × 8' 1" 1.5" × 1.5"
FRPG-5 4' × 8' 1.5" 1.5" × 1.5"
FRPG-6 4' × 12' 1" 1.5" × 1.5"
FRPG-7 4' × 12' 1.5" 1.5" × 1.5"
FRPG-8 4' × 12' 2" 2" × 2"
Note: Any custom size is available

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