FRP Double Tank Spray Device for Full Range of Spray

There is one set of double tank spray device in the warehouse.
The FRP double tank spray device could employ spray gun that is imported or homemade.

FRP double tank spray device could spray the tank by manual work or computer control. The tank is first installed onto the traverser dolly, and sprayed by the device while rotating. The traverser dolly could stop at any position when needed, and the device could do the spraying work excellently. The PLC controls the rotating speed of the main shaft and the trolley's movement that realizes spray coating on the surface of the tank.

Device configuration

  • Spray walking head.
  • Moving tail.
  • Counterweight plate.
  • Spraying car.
  • Resin box with constant temperature.
  • Electrical apparatus control system.

Feature of the device

  • Uniform coating.
  • High production efficiency.
  • Easy operation.
  • Flexible control of the spraying.

Double-wall oil tank feature

  • S/F double-wall oil tank has long service life than ordinary oil tank.
  • Good protection performance, maintenance-free and cost saving.
  • High safety performance.
  • Conservation of environment.

Production range

  • Applied diameter range: DN1000-DN3000 mm, length ≤ 12000 mm.
  • Applied diameter range: DN3000-DN4000 mm, length ≤ 12000 mm.

Main technical parameter

  • Maximum speed of main shaft: 5 rpm.
  • Moving speed of the machine head: 20000 mm/min.
  • Maximum speed of the trolley: 3000 mm/min.
  • Equipment maximum power: 11±5 kW.
  • Occupation area (max): 10000 mm × 21000 mm.

The device is used for spray coating of S/F double oil tank outer surface. The double layer of tank is widely used for oil storage underground the gas station.

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