Flue and Tower Winding Machine for Large Scale Project

Flue and tower winding machine is generally designed for manufacturing large scale FRP flue and tower. It could work at the site, which saves transport and labor cost, as well as increasing working efficiency.

Winding machine for large pipes and smoke towers
Flue and tower winding machine for large scale project.
Integrated pumping station winding machine DN1000 – DN4000
Integrated pumping station winding machine DN1000 – DN4000.

Machine mode explanation: (DN1-DN2) × L.
Instruction: It needs to explain the DN1 range (the minimum diameter of the product), DN2 range (the max diameter of the product) and selection range of L: ≤ 10000 mm.

Device components

  • Rotating head of the winding machine.
  • Movable machine tail.
  • Trolley work plat.
  • Winding car.
  • Resin system.
  • Yarn system.
  • Demoulding system.

Apply scope
Apply diameter: Ф4000-8500 mm, L ≤ 10000 mm FRP pipe production.
It winds the FRP flue and tower at site, which is mainly used for large FRP flues and towers lining making, structure layer and demoulding. It adopts demoulding, lining making and curing as one while style.

Main technical parameters

  • Winding angle: 60° - 89°.
  • Yarn width: 0-300 mm.
  • Line type precision: ±1 mm.
  • Yarn pulling speed: 50-120 m/min.
  • Winding the length once (max): 10000 mm.
  • Winding diameter (max): 8500 mm.

FRP flue application
FRP flue applies to electric power, metallurgy and chemical industry, etc. It has features of low cost, short production cycle, long service life, easy manufacturing, lightweight but with high strength and corrosion resistance.

  • High temperature resistant FRP chimney.
  • Tower body of glass fiber reinforced plastic absorption tower.
  • Slurry transportation pipeline, FRP spray device, glass fiber reinforced plastic bubble device.
  • Lime dissolving tank.
  • Liquid trap, defogger.

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