FRP Cellular Anode Tube Equipment Makes Anode Module

It shows FRP cellular anode tube module outside the factory.
FRP cellular anode tube is widely used in dust and mist removal equipment.

FRP cellular anode tube equipment is designed for making conductive FRP cellular anode tubes, which are mainly used in the anode module of WESP, electrical tar precipitator and other dust & mist removal equipment. The anode tube is usually regular hexagon that combine together.

Conductive FRP anode tube (precipitation electrode) used fiberglass layered structure from the inside out as follows:

  • Carbon fiber mat.
  • The short cut fiber strips mat.
  • Fiberglass cloth (0.4 mm thick) and mat glass surface layer.

Conductive FRP anode tube - cellular bundle features

  • Corrosion resistance, with the ability of resistance to various corrosive acid, alkali, salt medium.
  • Light weight with high strength, dimensions determined. The anode tube won't be out of shape after using for a long time, prolonging life of the equipment.
  • Compact structure - honeycomb-type structure construction, so that each of the inner and outer surfaces of the diodes have become settling surface, which does not exist between the dead zone. Therefore, dealing with the same size of the flue gas, it has smaller size and small footprint.
  • The flame retardant, according to the national professional testing organization, the oxygen index of the material can reach 28% or less. Therefore, even if the electric field arcing will not ignite precipitation.

Conductive FRP anode tubes are widely used in conductive FRP wet electrostatic precipitator, wet electrostatic mist, dust and other demisting devices.

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