Mandrel & Pipe Trimming Machines in High Precision

We all know that mandrels are musts and represent the industrial standards for manufacturing of FRP pipes. A good mandrel is the key of producing high quality pipes as bad mandrels will affect the quality of pipes and even make them difficult to demould. So it is important to choose quality mandrels.

Trimming machine, also known as finishing machine, is designed for grinding FRP mould. Meanwhile, they are also ideal for trimming pipe surface, cutting the socket end of the pipe and grooving at the spigot end to let pipes be joined with each other. Our company has high capacity of machine manufacturing. Our trimming machine features high quality and excellent precision. Thus, they are capable to manufacture high quality moulds and FRP pipes.

A trimming machine is under operation for mandrel making.
Trimming machine


  • High accuracy.
    The high accuracy lathe bed is extremely smooth and finishing grind moves by gear wheel to ensure stable movement and high working performance. The mandrels finished by our trimming machine are smooth, high quality without grooves.
  • Versatile
    Our trimming machine is equipped with electromagnetism timing asynchronous engine, in other words, the rotating speed is adjustable according to mandrels in different diameters. Meanwhile, the moving carriage is available in different moving speed for manufacturing FRP pipes in different accuracy. Thus, the operation of our trimming machine is much easier and more convenient.
  • Quality finishing grind
    The finishing grind is specially treated for higher strength, durability and precision without bending and twisting. Meanwhile, the perfect match of grinding base and guide rails allows for excellent trimming process with guaranteed speeds and precision.
  • Removable grinding head
    The removable grinding head is available in different styles for trimming various types of mandrels and pipe sockets.


  • Highly-accuracy lathe bed.
  • Splint and splint-driven system.
  • Trimming roller.
  • Edge cutting machine.
  • Power distribution cabinet.
  • Dust remove device.


  • Weight: 33kg.
  • Swing angle: 12 degrees.
  • Load capacity: 22kW.
  • Diameter of principle axis: 14mm.
  • Rotation speed: 21r/min.
  • Motor capacity: 7.5kW.
A trimming machine is cutting the socket end of a FRP pipe
Trimming machine for socket end cutting.
A trimming machine is used to trim the surface of pipes
Trimming machine for pipe surface trimming.

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