FRPM Pipe Winding Machine with 1500, 2600, 3000 Types

FRPM pipe winding machine could be classified into three types according to the largest production diameter. We adopt the advanced wet sand adding technology to make sure that the FRPM pipes are of good quality. The whole manufacturing process is similar with other FRP pipe production.

One winding machine is working and two workers are monitoring on the moving trolley.
FWJS-3000 could manufacture FRPM pipe with diameter of 3000 mm to the maximum.
One opposite sand adding winding machine is working and three workers are monitoring the work of the machine.
Opposite sand adding winding machine is suitable for dry sand adding.
One FRP pipe is held by a mould dismounting machine.
Mould dismounting machine keeps the mould and pipe apart when making FRP pipes.
There are several liner making machines in the warehouse.
Liner making machine is designed for making liner for the pipe or tank, it also has several sizes.

FPRM winding machine classification

  • DN300-1500*12000 definite sand system FRPM pipe winding production line.
  • DN300-2600*12000 definite sand system FRPM pipe winding production line.
  • DN300-3000*12000 definite sand system FRPM pipe winding production line.

Production line component
The main component device of production line are lining making machine, winding machine, curing station, demoulding machine, trimming machine, resin mixing and resin supply automatic station.

Main parameters

  • Pipe diameter: DN300-1500 mm, DN300-2600 mm, DN300-3000 mm.
  • Pipe length: ≤ 12000 mm.
  • Rotating speed of main draft: 0-85 rpm/min.
  • Winding car speed (max): 60 m/min.
  • Yarn width: 200 mm.
  • Winding angle range: 45° - 90°.
  • Total installation capacity: 110 kW / 120 kW / 130 kW.
  • Way of sand adding:
    • Wet sand: middle and bottom sand adding.
    • Dry sand: top, middle, end, opposition side.
  • Area of equipment: length 42000 mm, width 22000 mm.
  • Control system: computer control system.

FRPM pipe winding machine feature

  • Computer control system for precise operation.
  • Advanced winding technology ensures quality FRPM pipes.
  • Easy installation and maintenance.
  • Low energy consumption and labor cost saving.

FRPM pipe application

  • Drinking water delivery pipe.
  • Sewerage pipelines.
  • Water reuse pipe.
  • Municipal water supply and drainage.
  • Seawater delivery pipe and other kinds of buried pipelines.

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