GRE Pipe Production Line for Marine & Petroleum Field

GRE pipe production line could offer quality GRE (glass resin epoxy) pipe for seawater pipeline. We take high strength fiber-glass and epoxy resin by specific winding technology. GRE pipes have distinct advantages over other pipes in marine and petroleum fields as they could bear high pressure and have long service life.

It shows the GRE pipe production line and many workers are beside the machine.
We adopt the most advanced technology for GRE pipe production line, which offers the best efficiency and quality GRE pipes.
There is one set of GRE pipe winding machine in the warehouse, and many rolls of yarn are on a blue frame.
The GRE pipe winding machine has high production efficiency, its capacity depends on the diameter and pressure grade of the pipe.
There are many steel mandrels for GRE pipe manufacture, they have different shapes.
Many pipe mandrels are necessary for GRE pipe connections.
Many steel GRE pipe mandrels are in the warehouse with different diameters and shapes.
Various shapes of GRE pipe mandrels are prepared for pipe connections.
The picture shows the production line of the GRE pipe.
GRE pipe production line is shown above, it is also the operational path of GRE pipe manufacture.

Main components:

  • Mandrel storing system.
  • Mandrel.
  • Cleaning station.
  • Heat booster.
  • Resin processing and storage system.
  • Winding machine.
  • Curing station.
  • Mould dismounting machine.
  • Trimming machine.
  • Hydraulic pressure tester.
  • Electricity distribution system.
  • Creel station.
  • Rail transportation equipment.


  • Machine model: GYFC-600.
  • Pipe diameter: DN 80-600 mm (3" to 24").
  • Pipe length: 9 m.
  • Yarn feeder speed (max): 1 m/s.
  • Accuracy: > 0.3 mm.
  • Yarn feed speed (max): 75 m/min.

GRE pipe connection methods

  • Bell and spigot joint.
  • Double o-ring joint.
  • Flange joint.

GRE pipe application

  • Firewater system.
  • Salt water supply lines.
  • Cooling water.
  • Waste lines.
  • Potable water.
  • Process lines.
  • Ballast piping.
  • Sprinkler system.
  • Cargo lines.
  • Bilege piping.
  • Sounding tubes.
  • Scuppers.
  • Fresh water lines.
  • Sanitary lines.
  • Vent lines.
  • Oil gathering line.
  • Petroleum chemical lines.

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